Our highest priority is providing the fastest turnaround for delivering finished productions in the business. In the next five years, we will review and streamline our on hold script update process, so that it will be cloud based. This will not only give our customers unlimited access to their on hold productions from anywhere, but will also aid our company in overall hurricane preparedness.


By expanding our internet reach, Profit-On-Hold aspires to grow our global footprint by expanding to all 50 states, and by reaching 3 additional foreign countries, bringing our total to 6. With this growth, our Production Department will also expand its team of voice talents to meet growing needs. Our team will reflect global backgrounds and global experience.


As part of continually updating our client database and software systems, we will also continue to research new technologies for our clients. We will keep steadfast in our promise to provide only the best in On Hold Technologies and fastest delivery methods. We will continue to encourage and reward innovative ideas from our team and participate in market studies governed by the International On-Hold Messaging Association (OHMA).


We will expand our employee benefits package as a sign of our continued dedication to our team. With our growing reach, we will be able to hire devoted, qualified staff members who will bring their personal experiences to add to the existing Profit On Hold knowledge base. We know that a company is nothing more or less than the people who make it up.


To provide exceptional value to all of our clients, by offering cost-effective, innovative, marketing on hold solutions. We are driven to satisfy our clients, and our validation is their continued success. Our products positively impact our clients businesses at every level, resulting in increased profits. Our customers have, at their disposal, our exceptionally qualified staff, from complex production requirements to individualized telecommunication solutions. We maintain a motivated staff because we are dedicated to our employees and their families. We believe in giving back to the community by sharing our corporate resources and becoming a beacon of light for local businesses in our area.

Our Commitment to Our Customers


Our ability to exceed customer expectations is critical to our success and our highest priority. We pride ourselves in providing the fastest turnaround for new site installations and delivering finished productions ahead of schedule. We have maintained this commitment to our clients for over 25 years.


We consistently exceed our customers’ expectations by clearly defining the needs and goals of their organizations’ marketing campaigns. We also uphold the standards of quality established by the International On-Hold Messaging Association (OHMA), the governing body of standards in the Industry. Profit On Hold is a founding, Charter member, of OHMA.


We are constantly updating our internet presence, our client database and software systems. By recently investing in a new State of the Art Corporate office, we are able to better service our clients. As part of our innovation commitment, Profit On Hold only installs the latest on-hold technologies at our Client’s office sites. We encourage and reward innovative ideas on every project and at every level of our organization, even through challenging times.




"Profit-on-hold has proven to be an excellent investment for the New Orleans Federal Express offices. I'm happy to report we've been sastisfied with our service. Profit On Hold keeps FedEx callers-on-hold from feeling as if they're in limbo. For a service-intensive mission like ours, this is very important."

Warren Lenfant, FedEx, Senior Manager New Orleans


"I would like to express my complete satisfaction of our newly installed telephone program. We have had nothing but compliments on the information available for our customers while on hold." .

Richard J. Palisi, Postmaster Mandeville, LA


We contracted with Profit-On-Hold over five years ago and have been extremely happy with their service. The voices and music are professional, they send reminders when it is time to update your messages and we have never had one problem with our equipment. Putting someone on hold is normally not a pleasant experience, nor is it good for business; however, on hold messaging is a wonderful solution to inform your consumers of important information, keeping their interest while they wait. I wholeheartedly recommend Profit-On-Hold for any business or entity

Donald J. Villere, Mayor, City of Mandeville


"The Ralph Brennan Group has ultilized the service of Profit-On-Hold for many years and their professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail is truly commendable."

Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group


"...As you know by now, we increased our net profit from $60,000 the first year, to $90,000 this year. This is just unbelievable!"

David A. Briggs, Jr. President, Metairie, LA