1What can on hold music and messaging do for my company?
A message on hold service turns unproductive telephone time into a new opportunity to communicate one on one with your callers. Look at it as an opportunity to speak directly to callers to promote the products and services you offer. It's also a marketing opportunity to inform callers and to present a professional image while providing a valuable service to your callers.
2Why should my company get on hold serivces?
A 30 second spot of advertising during the Super Bowl runs into millions of dollars. So if your average caller is placed on hold for 30 to 60 seconds, it’s like having a free chance to advertise. Why waste the opportunity? Think of your on-hold message system as a tactical marketing tool, just like direct mail, print ads, web sites, or sales scripts. These are tools used to communicate information about your business, that educate your callers about how you are different, more innovative, and better than any of your competitors
3Do callers hear the same message every time they're on hold?
Not likely. The digital repeaters that broadcast the on hold audio recordings play the audio signal in a continuous loop. Callers placed on hold will be hearing whatever messages happen to be playing at that point in time. However once on hold they will hear the messages consecutively in the order they are recorded in the audio program. Generally, callers will hear a different part of the message program each time they are placed on hold.
4How does it work?
Utilizing the latest in micro-chip technology, our digital audio announcers use your current phone system to broadcast your custom music and message program through your telephone hold circuit. Our remote load systems allow us to update and change your music or messages on demand
5Do I need to purchase equipment from you to use this service?
No, we provide you free use of the on hold equipment that you need as a part of our service package to you. The equipment we provide includes a 100% replacement warranty. You can be certain that you will always have a superior sound without skips in service. However, we do offer a variety of equipment and products that we can sell directly to you.

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